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  • #Gubies, why can't you see what's right under your nose? Why are you so clueless? Shemar is dropping hints left and right in most interviews and you need to catch up. The man thinks you are truly pretty, that you are SO fucking pretty that he would date you (even tho he said he would half-way date you, but I think he is trying to cover up the fact that he would FULL ON date you, otherwise he would never be dropping hints like this in the first place) all you have to do is get a little alcohol in him. But I think IF you play your cards right, use the magic of your pretty face (which Shemar already loves), use your beautiful facial cheek bones and show a little skin, you might not need alcohol to get him to date you. How many more hints do you need Gubies, to finally understand what Shemar is trying to tell you? That you are beautiful. #Shematthew #Shemar Moore #Matthew Gray Gubler #Shematthew 2 #CM gif
  • 2 years ago
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